Youth Camp

We praise God for his blessing he has given us in hosting a Youth Camp on June 16-17. Our theme was deeper life in Christ we really challenge our young people to deepen their relationship with God. We had 160 young people who came at this camp 2012, we're also blessed to have word of life team from JHB, we also had Chatsworth Baptist who came and did the worship Friday night. We also great of department of education who came and did a workshop on education carrier guidance, were young people were given material for planning for their future in education.

The weekend offered many good discussions around the word of God during small group time as they responded to message that was given, 6 people professing Christ as their Savior. Please pray for them as they seek a closer walk with God.

                        Youth Camp June 16             Youth Camp June 16          Youth Camp June 16



great news, Shawn :-)

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In the beginning of 2015, do you thinking about switching to a new outboard motor for you boat? With a new Yamaha Outboard Motor you can go further and deeper in the deep sea for fishing, and you can fish more fishes.

There are many factors when you choose Yamaha Outboard Motors, one of the most important factors when buying an outboard motor is to match the correct horsepower with the boat you want to power.

Yamaha Outboard Sale can supply small outboard engines and large outboard motors for you to choose, you can choose the appropriate horsepower to fit your boat. The small outboard engines include 2hp to 35hp, and the large outboard motors include 40hp to 350hp.

According to the types, there are 2 stroke and Yamaha 4 Stroke Outboard in the list.

The length of the shaft should be considered when purchasing a Yamaha Outboard Engine.  Shaft lengths are standardized to fit 15-inch, 20-inch and 25-inch transoms. So you need to think it over.

Price is another important factor on buying outboard motors. Yamaha Outboards Motor can supply you promotion prices and door to door free shipping delivery.

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